Quilt Ventures

To Faye and Ellen,
Thanks for all the fun and great times. Looking forward to the next one. You have put your heart and soul in to make sure we enjoyed it and it worked. We had a fabulous time.
S & MW

Having been on seven trips with Quilt Ventures, must say they are great value always packed with plenty to do.
OB, Northern Ireland


Fabric, fabric, fabric–oh!  what bargains; together with the Amish countryside so tranquil it all makes for a great holiday.
OB, Northern Ireland

The sites were great but the shopping for fabric was even better: could not wait for the next holiday.
JW, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Of all the trips Philadelphia/Lancaster is the favourite, the shopping is wonderful and the Amish countryside so relaxing.
HS, South Derbys, United Kingdom

New England

New England in the fall–just beautiful. Keepsake Quilting out of this world–no wonder it has been voted one of the top ten quilt shops.
HS, South Derbyshire, United Kingdom

New England in the fall-the colours of the trees are so inspiring for a quilter.
JL, Warwickshire

Thank you for organizing such a super holiday, although I am not quite sure that "holiday" was quite the word that I would use. I have now come to the surface and am enjoying going through all that I have seen and all that I have brought home. Joan brought her itinerary this morning when we had our gathering, and I am going through it to see what I have missed in mine.

Oh how I wish I could pop into that super quilt shop in the woods! It was a dream of a place.

Thanks again for all the thought that you put into these holidays.
All good wishes


Loved the show at Paducah and the fact you were able to do your own thing during the day was great.
JL, Warwickshire, United Kingdom